​​If you believe you are an elite player or have any aspirations of becoming an elite player, attending one of these tours will expose you to a genuine measurement of your ability through the EPL club coaching sessions. It will prove the best investment you can make in terms of what you may need to change in order to achieve the elite level. 

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The Best of Britain tour is an example of how tours can be structured and created to meet your preferences

We are seeking a Boys and Girls squad with 2000/2001/2002 birth years to go to England in 2019.

Each squad will play professional clubs youth teams based on ability. Players will be provided with their own training session by the pro clubs training staff, tour the top EPL stadiums and attend an English Premier League game. We can provide up to 3 games with pro clubs youth teams. 

For those who just want to experience visits to the stadiums, EPL game and combine these with educational visits to such places as Stratford upon Avon and other cultural places then we can structure these tours too. From 2018 we shall offer two annual tours. For full details visit the contact us page, complete the form and submit.