Work to understand individual players, and the areas in which they require support and the best methods for helping them develop and learn.​

All coaching is age and ability appropriate so that each player develops in the best way possible. 

Our coaches have experience, knowledge and skills to work effectively with specific age-groups

Coaches have un-wavered technical knowledge and have an appreciation of the effect that age, stage and level of development have on a youth player

All coaches will refrain from imposing unrealistic expectations.

Skill set, technical ability and tactical understanding will all be covered. This will help each player be comfortable in possession of the ball in any position on the field. Speed of play, and playing styles will be coached within high tempo enjoyable sessions. 

A possession-based approach played through the three-thirds of the field.
Quality passing and intelligent movement and support off the ball.
Penetrative, incisive and varied attacking play, allied to good finishing.
Counter-attacking whenever opportunities arise.

Additionally, the playing philosophy actively encourages the individualistic player. Players with varied and unique dribbling skills and the dexterity to go past defenders, particularly in the final-third.

A tactical approach to defending, in which all players contribute.
A controlled, calculated and assertive approach when and where necessary.​​

Welcome to Chatham FC

Affordable high level coaching with a proven track record of elite player development with limited travel to games and tournaments for pre-teen age groups allowing players time to secure a higher level of technical ability and tactical knowledge of the game. 

Age groups 6-12 years are provided with games against local clubs and attending a couple of local tournaments. There is NO extensive travel for these age groups as the emphasis is on player development.

Age groups 13-14 are provided with more competitive local games and tournaments based on ability and commitment.  

Age groups 15-18 will see a more extensive travel program based on ability and commitment.​​

  • Our role is to provide a pathway for each individual player to fulfill their potential.
  • Our proven development program is founded on the four development principles, Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological.
  • Our training and technical development is always game related. Players are provided with the time and opportunity to develop in each of these principles in addition to securing core and specific positional skills.​​​

The Academy

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Watch the video from Claudia who joined the academy at age 7